The Resnick Center for Herbert Bayer Studies is an exhibition space and center for the study of art and culture located in Aspen, Colorado. The Bayer Center is operated by the Aspen Institute.

The Bayer Center preserves the art and legacy of Herbert Bayer (1900–1985), an influential modern artist and designer who studied and taught at the Bauhaus before emigrating from Germany to the United States in 1938. After relocating to Colorado in 1946, Bayer helped lead the postwar revitalization of the city of Aspen, shaped the early artistic and programmatic vision of the Aspen Institute, and designed the historic Aspen Meadows campus between 1953 and 1973.

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Operating as a not-for-profit exhibition space and platform for research, the Bayer Center honors Bayer’s interdisciplinary perspective by exploring art, design, and media through exhibitions, public programming, community engagement, educational initiatives, and the support of scholarship in the arts and humanities.

The Resnick Center for Herbert Bayer Studies is free and open to the public.

Mission Statement

The Resnick Center for Herbert Bayer Studies preserves and honors the art of Herbert Bayer, who designed the iconic campus of the Aspen Institute and whose multifaceted work represents the fullest expression of the Bauhaus movement in America. The Center celebrates the interdisciplinary nature of Bayerʼs legacy by promoting understanding of his art and design through its collection, exhibitions, public programming, community engagement, research, and educational initiatives.

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