Holiday Gift Guide

Need some ideas for the design-lover on your list? Read on to find out what our staff recommends.

Lissa Ballinger, Acting Director – I love the luxurious Anni Albers-inspired geometric pattern on Basalt-based Hangai Mountain Textiles’ cashmere blankets. The fact that they are knit and woven exclusively in Mongolia by a community of herders and artisans makes them extra special.  

Sarah Shaw, Communications Manager – I’m partial to Zig Zag Zurich’s colorful woven cotton blankets. Who wouldn’t love a company whose tagline is “where artists meet textiles”?

Andrew Travers, Penner Manager of Educational Programs – I am a fan of the Slinky. Though it was not created by a Bauhausler, it does meet Walter Gropius’s definition of a successful object: practical, durable, inexpensive, and beautiful.

Julia Hrabovsky, Marketing Coordinator – I love that Skultuna was founded in 1607 by King Karl IX of Sweden as a brass foundry. Four centuries later, it continues to produce eye-catching and elegant home decor and jewelry in its original building in Skultuna. 

Rebecca Weiss, Visitor Services Associate – Naef products have a universal appeal that transcends generations. They are design masterpieces that offer not only hands-on play, but also minds-on learning that inspires creativity and curiosity in all ages.  

Manuela Rathey, Visitor Services Associate – My favorites are Marianne Brandt’s 1924 ashtray and Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s Bauhaus table lamp. Embodying the idea of “form follows function”, they are quintessential icons of Bauhaus design. 

Dave Durrance, Visitor Services Associate – As an artist myself, I’m fascinated with Bayer’s silkscreen prints, particularly the ones executed by the Kelpra-Studio Ltd., in London. The extraordinary gradation he achieved in the prints is remarkable.